Aaron Silverstein

Black Dirt

Short Film


Written and Directed By - Aaron Silverstein
Featuring - Camilla Werner-Longo
Featuring - Jon Pedroche
Produced By - Christine Sohail
Music By -  Mitch McKenzie
Cinematography - Aaron Silverstein
Edit - Aaron Silverstein
Color Grade - Aaron Silverstein

Filmed over the span of 3, non-consecutive all-nighters in DTLA, "Black Dirt" is most certainly a labor of love. Designed to be a study of light and shadows, Neo-nior filmmaking, minimalism, the horror genre, and a chance to hear Mitchel McKenzie make some cool music all in all everyone involved is pleased with the outcome. 

Shot on the RED Weapon in 4K mainly using Rokinon Xeen Prime lenses and then Canon L-series lenses for pickups. What initially started as a project with a ton of camera movement (supported by the Easyrig Vario 5) quickly became a chance to exercise some patience as a filmmaker. Nearly every shot was re-framed/re-planned and moved onto a tripod to let the perfromances do the talking. 

Edited in Premiere Pro, and graded in DaVinci Resolve

A special thanks to Camilla who constantly baffled me on set for having so much talent in such a slight frame. How you are able to slip in and out of character so quickly is beyond me. 

Doche - As always your powerful, bass-playing hands were all over this thing and this project is better for it. We should probably keep making films together. 

Mitchel - Since you're too humble to tell anyone this I want people to know that you manipulated the sound of planets in orbit to create some of the textures in the film score. That's ridiculous, creative, and cooler than anything anyone else could have imagined. Damn you.